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Meet Our Team


Don Hafner

RV Sales Consultant

Team Member Since: 2019
Favorite Book: Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose
Hobbies: Photography, fishing and boating
Favorite Quote: What other people think of you is none of your business.
Why Camperland? I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and love that we carry two of the best brands available, Grand Design and Jayco.
Your Life Values: Spirituality, Humility, Adventure, and Discipline.
Which RV would you take home if you could? The Redhawk 26XD, because my wife wants it!

Michael Sanford

RV Sales Consultant

Team Member Since: 2020
Hobbies: Camping, golfing, and kayaking.
Favorite Places: Table Rock Lake State Park, Tenkiller State Park
Why do you sell campers? I love meeting fellow campers and swapping stories… I get paid to do something I love!
Why Camperland? It's a relaxed atmosphere and the people here genuinely care. We aren't perfect of course, but we truly care about our customers and each other.
Your Life Values: Respect, Honesty, Humor, and Challenge.
Which RV would you take home if you could? Grand Design Solitude 3950BH-R… everything we need as a family, and two full bathrooms!

Buster Raccoon

Mascot/#1 Salesraccoon

Team Member Since: 2013
Nickname: That Damn Raccoon
Favorite Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
Why Camperland? There are 27 trash bins here and virtually everyone eats junk food.
Favorite Place? That beautiful park off Highway 75, I think it's called City Landfill or something like that. Oh, and Hawthorn Bluff on Oolagah Lake since I have so many relatives out there.
Your Life Values: Hunger, curiosity, and easy-open latches.
Something you've always dreamed of but never done: Meet Smokey the Bear!
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