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We know that day-to-day life is looking a little different for most people, but in Oklahoma, spring storms are arriving right on schedule. If your camper has sustained storm damage, let us make life a little easier by giving you an on-site estimate for your insurance claim. If you live within 50 miles of Tulsa, there is no charge for your estimate. If you live further away, we are still happy to help but there will be a mileage charge. Call for details: 918-836-6606

Do you have an RV in storage?

Since many campgrounds are closed and we are staying home to stay safe, we might not be thinking of our campers in storage. The staff at Camperland would like to remind you to be sure to inspect your RV after any storms. Damage left unattended can worsen to catastrophic proportions in just a short time.

How do I check my RV for storm damage?

  • First, be safe! Don't climb or do anything dangerous alone; have someone with you to call for help if needed.
  • If safe, check the roof for any damage, including sealant that may have been damaged or has rotted over time. Bring some sealant with you to touch up any small areas. Colored masking tape is a good way to mark any areas that a technician might need to inspect.
  • Do a visual inspection inside the RV. Look for any obvious water damage. Water damage is common near joints, seams, and corners. Run your fingers or a cloth along the seam between the walls and ceiling, the walls and the floor, and any corners of the walls.
  • Pay special attention anywhere there is a "hole" in the roof (around the AC, vents, antennas, etc). Also pay special attention tot the seams around windows and doors.

What do I do if I see a leak?

  • If possible, protect the damaged area from additional rain with a tarp or cover.
  • Dry as much water as you can. Use towels to soak up water and, if possible, run a fan or dehumidifier.
  • Call us! If your camper is damaged and exposed to the elements, we will work with you to get it covered and protected as soon as possible.

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