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It's easy to get pre-approved! Known as a "soft credit pull", the pre-approval process doesn't require giving your social security number and has absolutely no effect on your credit.

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Not sure if you can purchase an RV? Why not find out first! If you are pre-approved it makes the shopping process much easier since you can get a better idea of your price range before you begin!

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Ready to take the next step? Click here to fill out a full credit application. Our online credit applications are handled through Ride Marketing, a partner of the Route 66 RV Network, and is processed through a completely private and secure connection. Your information is safe, secure, and will never be shared with third party services.

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We do everything we can to make purchasing your new RV a fun and easy experience. Our customer's tell us time and again that they love our finance manager Joe Sexson (and so do we!) Joe has years of experience in the banking industry and he will work to find the best RV financing for your specific RV and your budget.

RV Financing With Camperland

  • Down Payment: 10% down is standard, but we have many options for a lower down payment or even no down payment at all!
  • Payments: Payments are extremely affordable with terms available of up to 240 months.
  • Credit: You don’t have to have perfect credit to finance an RV. Lenders are available for a wide range of credit scores.
  • Lenders: We have excellent relationships with more than 15 local and national lenders.

We work to find the right RV loan for you and your budget!

Our goal is to create the best customer experience, from start to finish. We have heard time and again the frustrations people face in the financing office of other dealerships and we have worked hard to create a completely different kind of experience for you at Camperland of Oklahoma. Here are a few things we do to make the process easier: We don't have unexpected fees; our low doc fee is the only extra charge you will see and it is well disclosed before you ever go to the business office. Our extended service agreements are reasonably priced; we want you to have protection for your new RV and to help you get it, we discount our extended service contracts to give you the best value. We don't waste your time; you don't enter the business office until you have finished a complete walk-through of your unit, and then we make every effort to have everything ready for you to sign immediately. Sometimes we have unexpected delays, but we strive to make it a quick and friendly process for you.

Meet Joe…

Camperland Finance Manager: Joe Sexson

We are very lucky at Camperland to have Joe Sexson in our Finance Department. Most dealership finance managers know about financing only as it applies to their job, but Joe had over 16 years of experience in the financial industry (plus a few fancy degrees) before we hired him. His inside knowledge means he knows the best way to get you approved with the lowest rate for your particular financial situation. It also means that he understands all the fine print and technical jargon, and can answer your questions in a way that is easy for you to understand. Plus, he's a nice guy, he's an OU fan, and he's good looking... if you don't believe us, just ask him, he'll tell you.

Additional Value Options for Your RV Purchase

Classic Coverage Extended Service Contract

As part of the ROUTE 66 commitment to customer care, we believe RV owners should only have to focus on the journey and the destination. That is why we offer comprehensive extended service contract packages that are available for up to six years for most new units and four years for most used units.

checkmarkWorry-free protection against unexpected repairs.

checkmarkComprehensive coverage and benefit options.

checkmarkProfessional claims administration.

checkmarkProtection throughout the United States and Canada… travel worry-free!

Expert Gap Coverage - Total Loss Protection

We hope you will have years of enjoyment with your RV with absolutely no bumps in the road, but we know that accidents and incidents happen, both on the road and off. And since this is Oklahoma, where weather is unpredictable to say the least, we want you to have the protection you deserve if the time comes when you do need it.

Expert Gap insurance is insurance coverage that covers the "gap" between what you currently owe on your RV loan and the current market value of the RV. It’s designed to protect you if your normal RV insurance coverage will not cover the amount you owe on your loan.

checkmarkFinancial Protection in Case of a Total Loss

checkmarkAvailable for New and Used RVs and Trailers

checkmarkProtects Your Credit Rating and Your Savings

checkmarkProvides you with Peace of Mind

Maxxgard Paint and Fabric Protection for RVs

RV Fabric Protection System

Surrounds and seals each individual fiber of you RV’s carpet and fabric upholstery with an invisible protective barrier so that most stains will not set. Unique formula preserves showroom look, does not alter original color or texture, allows fabric to breathe and retain softness, while providing an extra "layer of protection" against most surface dirt. Provides warranted protection against most oil and water based stains that could occur as a result of normal spills of water, coffee, soda, milk, and every day fast food mishaps.*

RV Leather and Vinyl Protection

Maintains showroom richness, beauty, integrity of interior leather and vinyl trim, seats, and dashboard areas in your RV. Deep penetration and advanced conditioning formulas preserve and protect leather and vinyl from within for years to come by sealing in and enhancing properties of original protective lubricants contained in material at time of manufacture. Leather and vinyl stays soft and supple while being perpetually protected from the internal and external ravages of sunlight, dryness, and temperature extremes of heat and cold. Provides warranted protection against damage caused by fading, discoloration or cracking of the dashboard.*

RV Paint Protection System

Professionally applied Paint Protection bonds with and seals the painted surfaces of your RV, creating a durable coating or invisible shield that locks out the weather and protects, enhances, and extends the life of that original showroom luster. Provides warranted protection against damage caused by weather induced fading, chalking, oxidation or loss of gloss*

*See actual warranties for complete details of coverage

RoadSentry Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection

RoadSentry covers the tires and wheels on new and used RVs against road hazards.A road hazard is a condition on a public highway which should not exist, such as pot holes, metal objects, glass, nails, screws, etc. which may damage, puncture or render a tire or wheel unserviceable. RoadSentry is available for up to 7 year terms. Coverage begins on the date of purchase and continues until either the selected term expires or until 3/32” tread depth remains, whichever comes first.

Coverage Includes:

checkmarkIf a tire can be repaired, RoadSentry will pay or reimburse for the repair.

checkmarkIf a tire cannot be repaired, RoadSentry will pay or reimburse for its replacement.

checkmarkRoadSentry will pay or reimburse for repair or replacement of a rim or wheel damaged due to the failure of a tire covered under this contract.

checkmarkRoadSentry will pay or reimburse for mounting and balancing of replacement tires and wheels.

checkmarkRoadSentry will provide 24-hour towing (up to 25 miles) and roadside assistance at no additional expense to the member. Additional mileage is at owner's expense.

checkmarkRoadSentry will pay or reimburse all sales taxes and excise taxes associated with covered repairs or replacements.

checkmarkIf the disablement occurs more than 250 miles from your residence, RoadSentry will pay or reimburse for emergency living expenses for up to 3 days. Maximum coverage is $50 per day while vehicle is being repaired.

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