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MAP Pricing, The "Get Lowest Price" Button, and Your Privacy

What is MAP Pricing?

It stands for Minimum Advertised Price, and it is the lowest price the manufacture will let us advertise their product.

If you can't advertise your sale price why can you email it to me?

Most manufacturers consider email to be a one-on-one interaction with a customer, like a phone call or in-person visit, so telling you the price in an email is not the same as advertising.

What's with Grand Design?

Grand Design doesn't have MAP pricing. On current model year products, they will only allow us to advertise MSRP (full) price, no sale price at all.

I don't believe you, I saw a Grand Design advertised with a sale price at such-and-such dealership!

If it was last year's model, they are allowed to advertise a lower price. If it was a current year model, that dealership was breaking the rules and will face consequences from Grand Design. Or, maybe they just made an honest mistake and advertised a sale price accidentally since sometimes it is hard to remember to treat one brand differently than the other brands they carry. Not that we ever make mistakes like that. If you're reading this Grand Design officials, we never do that. Not us. Nope.

How do I know you won't share or sell my email?

Well, to tell you the truth, Tonia is in charge of that, and first of all, Tonia HATES junk email. With a passion that can't be described without using words that shouldn't be used here. So, you can be sure that she isn't going to share your email with anyone. Also, Tonia doesn't know how to share or sell your email. Who buys emails? To be fair, if Tonia ever does figure this out, and your email is worth enough for her to retire to a small tropical island and live happily ever after, there might be an issue. (Not really, the only thing Tonia hates more than spam is being sued.)

So you won't send me junk email?

We will send you an email with the price of the unit that you asked for, and a salesperson will follow up with you on occasion to see if they can answer any questions. If you checked the box to receive sales emails, Tonia will occasionally send you carefully crafted promotional emails that she sincerely hopes you won't consider to be junk. If they are junk to you, just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom and your email address will be permanently removed from our promotional list.

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