The Versatility of the Mid Bunk Floorplan

Published on Jun 15, 2020 Blog Image

What is a Mid-bunk?

Perhaps the most versatile floor plan to come out in the last several decades, the bunk room is in the middle of the coach, as opposed to the more common rear location. Features vary per model, but many mid-bunks offer a bunk that slides out of the way when not in use, a desk, TV, and roomy closet for storage.

Who Can Benefit from a Mid-bunk?

Anyone who needs a bunk room sometimes but doesn't want a bunkhouse model, or anyone who wants a convenient office for work would be a good candidate for a mid-bunk. A mid-bunk is also ideal for those who want a separate den area to watch TV away from the main living area.

Tell me More!

Mid-bunk floor plans are available in a variety of configurations, such as mid bunk travel trailers and mid bunk fifth wheels. Large fifth wheels offer a full office set-up with desk, while smaller fifth wheels often times only offer bunk beds. Travel trailers offer a variety of options that may include an office set up, or one designed more for a kids retreat area.

Like any other floor plan type, the cost of a mid-bunk depends on the size of the trailer and amenities offers. Usually mid-bunks are offered in trailers that are more than thirty feet in length, and are more common in fifth wheels than travel trailer due to size constraints.