Five Benefits of Camping with Your Family

Published on Oct 12, 2021 Blog Image

There are countless benefits to camping with your family, and you'll love the difference you see in your relationships when you spend time exploring the great outdoors together. Read below for five of the greatest benefits of camping together.

1. Camping Reduces Stress

Studies show that being in nature reduces stress and improves our overall mood. To further enjoy the benefits of reduced stress while camping, clear your schedule and make it a point to "go with the flow" instead of having scheduled activities on your camping excursion.

2. Camping Builds Family Relationships

It can be hard to take electronics away from kids, but taking kids away from electronics by taking them camping gives the whole family a chance to reconnect with each other. Children are more inclined to spend time outdoors and with the family when they are experiencing something new, so camping at a new location may be just what your family needs.

3. Camping Teaches History and Geography

Traveling in your RV can be a learning experience that is so fun no one even realizes they are getting an education! Put the GPS away and let the kids use a map… if you get lost you'll no doubt find something interesting to see off the beaten path. Look for historical markers and interesting landmarks along the way. Best of all, your kids will be more apt to pay attention in history and geography class if they can relate to the subject because they have been there.

4. Camping Creates Confidence and Self Esteem

Learning new skills and being part of the team helps kids gain confidence, and traveling gives kids a new perspective on their life and broadens their world. So, let your kids be part of the planning. Give them easy jobs they can master, and let them be the trail guide when you go hiking and you'll love the confidence you'll see in them.

5. Camping Helps You Feel Healthier

Does camping make you healthier? We don't have any hard proof of that, but what camping can do is give you a starting place to create healthier habits. Outdoor activities are a fun way to get exercise, and healthy food tastes infinitely better when it is cooked over a campfire. Use your camping getaway to give your family a passion for outdoor exercise and healthy cooking that you can bring home with you.