Maxxgard Paint and Fabric Protection for RVs

RV Fabric Protection System

Fabric protection for RVs

Surrounds and seals each individual fiber of you RV’s carpet and fabric upholstery with an invisible protective barrier so that most stains will not set. Unique formula preserves showroom look, does not alter original color or texture, allows fabric to breathe and retain softness, while providing an extra "layer of protection" against most surface dirt. Provides warranted protection against most oil and water based stains that could occur as a result of normal spills of water, coffee, soda, milk, and every day fast food mishaps.*

RV Leather & Vinyl Protection

Maintains showroom richness, beauty, integrity of interior leather and vinyl trim, seats, and dashboard areas in your RV. Deep penetration and advanced conditions formulas preserve and protect leather and vinyl from within for years to come by sealing in and enhancing properties of original protective lubricants contained in material at time of manufacture. Leather and vinyl stays soft and supple while being perpetually protected from the internal and external ravages of sunlight, dryness, and temperature extremes of heat and cold. Provides warranted protection against damage caused by fading, discoloration or cracking of the dashboard.*

RV Paint Protection System

Professionally applied Paint Protection bonds with and seals the painted surfaces of your RV, creating a durable coating or invisible shield that locks out the weather and protects, enhances, and extends the life of that original showroom luster. Provides warranted protection against damage caused by weather induced fading, chalking, oxidation or loss of gloss*

* See actual warranties for complete details of coverage

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