FEMA Trailers Exposed

The US government disposes of FEMA trailers when they have been in service for an extended period of time. These trailers are not like other travel trailers, not only have they been lived in, but they have been at the heart of a disaster area. Whether you choose to do business with us or with someone else, please read the following information and educate yourself about FEMA trailers for sale. We're here to help if you need temporary housing in disaster areas.

FEMA has drastically changed their temporary housing program, concentrating on long-term housing rather than travel trailers, however there are still thousands of the travel trailers out there, many being sold under unscrupulous circumstances. There are plenty of bargains to be had without the headache that FEMA trailer can cause.

Five Things You Should Know About FEMA Trailers For Sale

  1. Most FEMA Trailers Have Missing Components - Meaning that they are not self-contained and were never built or designed for recreational travel. Some of the more common missing components include waste water holding tanks, fresh water tanks, power converters, RV refrigerators, water pumps, and more. Prices to retrofit FEMA trailers for camping can add thousands to the price of the trailer.
  2. FEMA Trailers Are Built As Quickly And Cheaply As Possible - FEMA usually requires a large number of trailers very quickly, so corners are cut to save money and time. In addition to missing components listed above, many FEMA trailers are built with parts sourced specifically for FEMA trailers, meaning they are cheaper and possibly not tested for safety.
  3. FEMA Trailers Are Not Maintained - The regular maintenance that every trailer needs often has not been performed on FEMA trailers.
  4. FEMA Trailers May, And Often Do, Contain Bio-hazards - Any items that came into contact with flood waters are considered a bio-hazard and were to be discarded and/or destroyed, but many people park the trailers next to their destroyed property, tracking contaminants into the trailer on their shoes, clothes, and household items they save from the disaster area.
  5. The Government Knows The Risk of Selling FEMA Trailers - The U.S. government does not sell FEMA trailers to the public because the liability is too high. Rather, they sell them in bulk to opportunity seeking investors who then retail these units to uneducated buyers.

FEMA Resellers Protect Themselves, Not You...

Here are some of the legal qualifications from sellers of FEMA trailers:

  • "Everything is sold AS IS, WHERE IS, and WITH ALL FAULTS"
  • "The Auctioneer owes no fiduciary duties of loyalty and faithfulness to the Bidder/Buyer. Auctioneer is not responsible for obtaining or providing to the Bidder/Buyer a title for any FEMA trailer, a replacement title or any other similar documentation including in the event that the title or other appropriate documentation of ownership has been lost, stolen"
  • "The Government titles, guaranteed by the Government, have had errors."
  • "There are no keys provided with any home purchased"
  • "Seller and/or Auction Company or any of its affiliates are not responsible for checking or testing the propane system in any travel trailer sold.
  • "I certify that I am aware that the travel trailer/park model I am purchasing at auction may contain formaldehyde. I agree that the Seller/Auction Company shall not be liable for personal injuries to, disabilities of, or death of any persons arising from or incident to the sale of this travel trailer/park model, use, or its final disposition; and to hold the Seller/Auction Company harmless from and shall indemnify the Seller/Auction Company against any or all debts, liabilities, judgments, costs, demands, suits, actions, or claims of any nature arising from or incident to the sale of this property, its use, or its final disposition. "

These are not things you want to deal with when you are purchasing a vehicle that is supposed to be for fun and relaxation!

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